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A Bengali brought up in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore, I believe in living life to the brim. I have spent years to hone up my technical skills to get the coveted tag of an “Engineer + MBA” and worked with some of the best brands of the corporate world. I love to splash colors on canvas, disappear into a different world by picking up a good book and flipping a few pages, put together some spices and meat to please my taste buds, sway to my favorite tune each time I hear good music and of course explore a new place every time I get a chance! Well, this doesn’t even sum up 0.1% of me! Each article here is a bit of me, a bit of what I think, a little of what I feel and are pieces of the jigsaw puzzle which makes me, Me!

All about Rommanne, the lifestyle blog and vlog

Travel – photowalks and travel experiences!

Movie Reviews (Indian Cinema)  – afterthoughts of the movie which linger in my mind!

Woolgathering – pondering over random thoughts!

Bangalore – trivia about my city, namma ooru!

Foodaholic – all about food! Restaurant reviews, recipes, kitchen hacks and more!

Artmosphere – the world of art, culture, paintings, decor and everything which is a visual delight!

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