Happy birthday Potter

The boy who lived.

Harry James Potter. The boy who lived. The boy who has stolen a million hearts with the swish of a magic wand from Ollivander’s.

Well, no brownie points for guessing that I am an ardent fan of Harry Potter, and yes, my favorite author is J.K. Rowling. ‘Alohomora‘ is all she had to say to unlock the realms of my imagination. I have participated in several Harry Potter contests, celebrated his birthday by cutting a cake, read each book at least 20 times (and I am not exaggerating), watched the movie every time I was surfing the channels on television and the movie was playing (mostly on HBO), and BAE even planned a surprise Potter cake on my birthday. I’m as crazy as it can get when it comes to Harry Potter.

I have looked for platform 9 3/4 in every railway station I have visited, trying to find a child with a trolley and an owl walking into the walls. I have spent so many hours in Hogwarts. I bow to the Fat Lady every time I enter the Gryffindor Common Room! I have attended History of Magic, Charms and Herbology classes. I hated Snape and Potion classes. I have fought boggarts which looked like bandicoots at the Defence against the Dark Arts classes (Riddikulus!), and my Patronus looks like a silver white horse. I have played plenty of Quidditch tournaments and my eyes always look for the Snitch. I have had secret conversations with the merpeople during the Triwizard tournament. I have danced at the Yule Ball. I abhorred going to the Dursley’s during summer.

“After all this time? Always.”

Yes, its been 20 long years! I still read Harry Potter when I am upset. It calms me down. It occludes the thoughts that bother me.

My mind conjures several images when I stand in front of the Mirror of Erised. I often wonder what I would find when I walk into the Room of Requirement. I have pointed my wand at Bellatrix Lestrange and shouted ‘Expelliarmus” so many times, if only I could save Sirius. But the spell did not work. It was as though I had dipped my head into the Pensieve, nobody could see or hear me. I wish I had not given my word to the Headmaster and instead I could drink the Emerald Potion at the Horcrux Cave!

I have learnt to be good and fight against the evil. I have accepted the fact that life is not always fair. I have learnt to fight against all odds when I am on my own.  I have learnt to be brave. I have learnt not to judge people by their behavior. I have learnt to spread love.

Oh! There are so many magical moments and so many conversations and so many people I haven’t spoken about yet. I need a Portkey to bring me back to this Muggle World!

I know that all Potter maniacs reading this have some thoughts running in their mind! I wish I had Extendable Ears to know! Go ahead and scribble away in the comments box! It could be anything related to Harry Potter! Absolutely anything.

Here are some prompts for the comment!

  • The name of the Harry Potter book/movie which you like the most.
  • Who is the character you admire the most and why?
  • Favorite dialogue in the movie!
  • The spell which you chant the most.
  • That nail-biting scene which has intrigued you!
  • What was the most evil crime committed by Voldemort according to you?
  • If you were to choose to take home one of Hagrid’s pets, which one would that be?
  • Why do you think J.K.Rowling is phenomenal?
  • You could add a comment to include a question here – and I will oblige!

Can’t wait to read what you have to say!




Accio Thoughts-of-the-reader! (Wand swish!)